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Mergenli 6 Plots

Ref No: 779

Location: Sarıgerme

Type: Land

Plot Size: 3960

Price: 600,000*TL

Vendor Valuation

Property Description

6 adjacent plots for sale, each plots are 665 m2 some of the plots 650 m2 which are on the end corner and each plot has indepented plannnig permission are %20-40 plannıng permissions faceng village road connect to sarıgerme village . this 6 plots are locatiod in center of güvez village only 3 km away few minutes by caar to aşı koy 6 km to sarıgerme village, Distance to dalaman international airport 14 km away only 15 minutes by caar

* The owner(s) expectation is for 6 plots total 600,000TL
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