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Summer Rental Management
We can be very flexible to the rental management package you require and can work along side other contractors you may already have in place such as cleaners / garden and pool contractors. Please click on the link for further details

Garden and Pool Maintenance
We have a very reliable garden and maintenance team. They speak English, live locally and are always going beyond contractual duties with small repairs and problems.

Property Checks
Checks can be carried out on your property as often as you require - weekly / fortnightly / monthly or just after bad weather. The outside and inside will be checked thoroughly for any damage / leaks / or any other such problems, photos and a report will be sent after each check and any remedial work needed will be quoted. Its a very cheap and effective way of maintaining your villa all year round giving you piece of mind that your villa is safe and secure when you are not here.

Property Insurance
Our Insurance Broker will inspect your property and provide a competitive price for any type of insurance. Your property by law should have DASK Insurance (earthquake insurance) set up but we highly recommend property and contents insurance as well. Please be aware DASK Insurance covers only against earthquake damage, this does not cover other bad weather damage i.e. flooding / wind damage. Please send us an email if you need further information about insurance.

Renovations and Repairs
Any work that you require carrying out on your property please send us an email for a free quotation. Please click on the link for further details of our renovations and repairs services properties-improvements.html

Turkish Residency Applications
To live in Turkey or stay longer than 90 days you will need a 'Ikamet' which is a residency permit, this can be a straight forward process if you know the system and can speak Turkish, if not this can be a stressful and daunting task. We will advise you of all the associated costs, organise your private health care insurance which is now mandatory and put together all the required paperwork with you and apply for the application. Please inquire below for any further information.

UK Visa Applications
If you are Turkish and would like to visit, study or work in the UK, then you will need a UK visa. We currently have a 100% success rate for applications and can put together a good application quickly. We also know what additional information is good to add for the application to secure the visa that is not actually requested in the application form. Please inquire below for any further information.

Official Translation Management
If you require any paperwork translated we will arrange and manage this for you. We are a very friendly and helpful office and if you just need a bill, letter, email etc translated please do not hesitate to pop into our office or let us know on the form below.

Rental Income Tax
If you rent your property you have to file a tax return for your rental income for the previous calendar year between 1st to 25th March. The taxes are payable in 2 equal payments - the first in March, the second in July.

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